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Did your tattoo seem attractive in your 20s but not so attractive today? Or is your tattoo a constant reminder of what was just a temporary feeling? If so, you are not alone! That change of heart, or feeling of regret, is the #1 reason why people seek tattoo removal.

Fortunately, de-inking has progressed from a so-so, time-consuming process to a much faster, safe and effective method. Finally, that unforgettable tattoo can become forgotten with the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology available in the market—Enlighten™.

Cosmetic Solutions can help you with the latest Enlighten™ technology.

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When it comes to tattoo removal, it’s best to choose a well-regarded clinic with the latest in cutting-edge technology. Cosmetic Solutions is proud to offer Cedar Rapids the Cutera Enlighten III laser, one the most advanced laser platforms in the world, and the only office in the area with this tattoo removal technology.

The Cutera Enlighten III laser achieves effective removal of tattoos with minimal to no discomfort. Providing you unmatched ability to treat your tattoos. Because we are a Center of Excellence, you can be assured of expert medical care using the most advanced laser platform in the area.

Questions and Answers About Enlighten™ Tattoo Removal

What is Enlighten™?

Introduced in 2014, Enlighten™ is an advanced laser system for the effective and safe removal of tattoos and benign pigmented lesions.

How does Enlighten™ laser tattoo removal differ from other laser tattoo removal options?

Enlighten™ features extremely short and high-power picosecond laser pulses which efficiently and quickly break down the ink particles in tattoos. A 'picosecond' is one-trillionth of a second, and is 1,000 times shorter than the 'nanosecond' pulses used in existing lasers for tattoo removal. Picosecond laser pulses have been shown to remove tattoos more completely and in fewer treatment sessions than traditional laser used historically in the past.

How many treatment sessions are required?

The total number of treatments vary depending on the composition, depth and the color of the ink, as well as the size of the tattoo. You should be prepared for multiple treatment sessions, and your provider can give you a better idea of the total number of treatments needed during your consultation and once your treatments begin.

Why are mulitple sessions required?

Tattooing deposits ink into many different depths of the skin. This depth differential complicates ink removal. Also the tattoo ink is typically a large particle. Laser shatters these particles into smaller particles. These small particles are then cleared by your body. Depending on the size of the ink particles it may take several sessions to keep shattering the particles into smaller and smaller pieces for your body to “sweep them away.”

Will the tattoo completely disappear?

In many cases, yes. However, it is very important to know that some ink colors are more difficult to clear than others. Consult with your Enlighten™ provider to determine if Enlighten™ is right for you.

Which tattoos can be treated with laser tattoo removal?

  • New, old or faded tattoos
  • Undesired parts of an existing tattoo
  • Previously treated tattoos by other laser systems (this reveals how much more advanced our laser system really is) 

Who is a good candidate for tattoo removal?

Ideal candidates for Cutera Enlighten III laser tattoo removal have realistic expectations in terms of results and are in good health. It is an excellent option for people who have tried other tattoo-removal methods in the past without success.

The best candidates have small superficial single-color tattoos, since these are the easiest to remove. However, Enlighten technology can still remove all ink colors and tattoo sizes.

Non-smokers are good candidates for this procedure, since smoking negatively affects circulation in the skin. Circulation carries the shattered tattoo ink particles away from the area.

Alcohol also lessens the effectiveness of the procedure. The liver and the kidneys filter out the ink particles, and drinking makes this more difficult for them.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The Cutera Enlighten laser is the only laser of its kind to offer dual wavelengths with both the nano and pico pulses. It can provide more speed and power options than other lasers on the market, which means more effective treatments in less overall time, up to 40% faster.

A nano second of light comes in at a billionth of a second, while the pico second energy comes in at a trillionth of a second, creating a photo acoustic effect. The laser light hits so fast that it shatters the tattoo ink particle into tiny pieces that your immune system can clear away via the lymphatics.

We can treat a multitude of colors at various settings, unlike other lasers with only one wavelength or pulse duration.

Why is this laser treatment better?

The Enlighten III laser can offer picosecond and nanosecond technology in one platform with industry-leading pulse energy to shatter pigment particles into tiny pieces that your body can handle.

With this technology, we can treat your ink problem more effectively, quickly, safely and with less pain. We can also offer numbing injections to relieve pain during the treatment.

With Enlighten III, all skin types are suitable for tattoo removal, from light to dark skin color. We can also treat tattoos that did not respond to other laser treatments because Enlighten offers more power and speed of light.

Is the procedure painful?

Patients compare the procedure to a rubber band being snapped against their skin. Topical or local anesthetics may be available from your provider to minimize discomfort.

Are there any side effects following the treatment?

Most patients experience redness and swelling immediately following the treatment. These side effects are temporary.

Is there any downtime associated with the treatment?

Patients can return to regular activities immediately following the treatment.

How do I get started?

To setup a consultation please contact us or book an appointment online today. We will help you erase the past.

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