Excessive Sweating


Stop Excessive Sweating Fast & Naturally 

Sweating is natural. Excessive sweating, called hyperhidrosis, is not typical and can be socially embarrassing. BOTOX® Cosmetic can be used in the armpits to temporarily paralyze the sweat glands.

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The Results*

  • After 1 to 3 days you will notice the effect of the treatment. After about 5 days the result will be optimal.
  • Scientific research has proven that 87 to 93 % of the patients benefit from this treatment and sweat much less or even not any longer.
  • The effect of a Botox treatment is not permanent.
  • It lasts normally from 6 to 9 months with a maximum of 12 months.
  • Botox treatment can be safely repeated indefinitely.
  • During follow-up treatments one notices that –like the Botox effect on wrinkles– the effect tends to lasts longer after uninterrupted repeat sessions.

*results may vary