The You, You'll Love can bring out your best—without surgery.

Almost all of us have something about how we look that we’d like to change or improve. Maybe it’s getting rid of a few wrinkles. Or eliminating unwanted body hair. Or maybe removing a scar. But we don’t want surgery.

No surgery. Short recovery.

At Cosmetic Solutions you’ll find the medical expertise and the state-of-the-art procedures to help you look your best—all without painful, invasive surgery and long recovery times.

Directed by one of the area’s most respected physicians.
Cosmetic Solutions is headed by Dr. Alvina A. Driscoll, M.D., a Board Certified OB-GYN physician who has been a leader in women’s medicine for over 25 years, including many years at OB-GYN Associates, the area’s largest, most respected women’s clinic. She has the medical experience and expertise to recommend the procedure that’s best suited to your particular needs, health situation, skin type and personal goals.

A highly trained staff.
Your treatment program will be supervised and approved by Dr. Abernathy, and then performed by our thoroughly trained, licensed and certified medical and aesthetic staff.

To learn more about the full array of procedures available at Cosmetic Solutions, schedule your free medical consultation today.

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